This morning, I chose to honor a small rebellion inside me to do something without knowing why. I chose to walk to the train, rather than drive.

This is how conceptual photographer, Matthew Jensen found the inspiration for his series,

“Nowhere in Manhattan”

So, inspired by Matt and in honor of small rebellions, I set out to rediscover the narrow, rock-strewn, dirt footpath through our neighbor’s yard that connects Crooked Trail to Deane.

I set out to see the short jog of over-grown, un-manicaured greenery that hides the bumpy jog of earthen trail that connects Deane street to the New Haven-bound parking lot. I set out to transform my “shortcut” into a “double-shot of surburban limbo”.


I walked because I have too many energies inside me that needed moving out. That need to NOT be shut-inside another small space.

Moving energy. Matt offers us a space to do this inside the congested maze of Manhattan.

5Rhythms offers the same through dance.

They too are based in the fast-paced-frenetic-all-at-one-time energy of Manhattan. Why? Because as founder, Gabrielle Roth says, “Manhattan mirrors our minds exactly.” Mirrors our minds exactly… yes. I think it does. Mirrors mine for sure.

I keep forgetting and being reminded, that within that frenetic island of chaos, with its densely-packed-to-do-and-not-to-do-list, is wide open wilderness. In the Manhattan of our minds, there is Nowhere.

Matt recovers these lost places and although his objectives are of a more political nature, he offers me (and maybe I am not alone) a space in my mind that has NOT been razed. That has NOT been developed into the high efficiency, high-design, high-in-the-sky, taller, prettier skyscraper model home.

A space that IS pure possibility.

He walks and walks and walks until streets end and footpaths begin and he finds it. Or perhaps it finds him.
The oasis. The retreat. The room inside our mind with the door we have never opened.
5Rhthms dance and dance and dance and dance and dance until energy moves.
Until we embrace the dance. Or perhaps it embraces us.
And we return to our personal wilderness. It to us.